The Children of Virtue and Vengeance



Orïsha waits for no one. 


With magic running through the veins of both Maji and Nobility, Orïsha is no closer to peace than it was before Amari stole the forbidden scroll, before Zélie’s heart was broken by a fallen prince, and before Inan betrayed the girl he loved.

With the same heart-racing pace as The Children of Blood and Bone,Adeyemi wastes no time before jumping into the heart of a violent and world-changing war in her long-awaited sequel.

Overcome by her grief, readers can feel Zélie’s heart being torn deeper and deeper as she loses friends, allies, and ultimately, faith in herself. Even the bond with her brother is strained as his affection for Amari grows. Zélie knows it’s her duty to lead the Reapers in this war against the monarchy, but with every day that passes, her will to fight weakens.

CAUTION: Just when you think the end of war is in sight, the final page throws everything you thought was going to happen out the window (in the BEST way). 

Questions for after reading...

  1. Is Zélie right to remain angry with and untrusting of Inan?

  2. Where on earth do you think Book #3 will take place?

  3. How does the epilogue remind you of what you’ve learned in school about the first slaves taken from African countries? Why would the author end the book this way?

Scythe, The Hunger Games, We Hunt the Flame, Ember in the Ashes

Violence: Descriptions of physical beatings, war, and execution.

14+ due to the violence and the king’s manipulative and tormenting reign.

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