The Extraordinaries

by T. J. KLUNE


I didn’t realize how much I needed this book. 

I have never laughed THIS MUCH since my cat made off with an entire loaf of bread. Given the fact that I nearly shot piping hot coffee out of my nose while I watched her gallop through the living room carrying enough carbs to send her to an early kitty grave, that’s saying something, people.

"Thank God Nick had friends so he didn’t need to be aware of his surroundings."

In a time that is drenched in uncertainty and fear, one of the best things we can do is simply to laugh. I have never read a book that made me laugh so much, I dog-eared pages so I could go make my friends read them. Nick’s heart is filled with all the feelings that scare us, and his inability to hide them like the rest of us is exactly what makes him a hero. Nick is honest, he is loyal, and no matter how much he hates his brain sometimes, he is EXTRAORDINARY.

Nick Bell has a lot of problems. These problems include, but are not limited to:

1. HIS DAD IS A COP – which is terrifying given the number of times he’s thrown himself into danger to save the lives of Nova City’s citizens.
2. HE’S OBSESSED WITH A SUPERHERO – Shadow Star, to be specific, whom Nick may or may not have completely humiliated himself in front of after an almost-but-not-really-mugging.
3. HIS LOVE LIFE IS A MESS – Can he really call it a love life? More like a constant storm of confusion and anxiety where his best friend and a not-so-ex-ex are concerned.
4. HIS BRAIN DOESN’T STOP – despite the new meds his dad makes sure he takes to try to keep his ADHD under control.

Some people were born to be extraordinary. Nick was born to have a million thoughts in the space of a minute that often led to splitting headaches. It wasn’t fair.

It’s hard to write a book, let alone a book for teenagers, let alone a book for teenagers that simultaneously depicts the hilarious and heartbreaking reality that is young adulthood. I truly felt like I could hear the voices of T. J. Klune’s characters bouncing around inside my brain as I read The Extraordinaries. 


It wasn’t like I was reading the words of strangers, but like I was recalling a hysterically epic memory about me and my friends. I can’t describe how comforted I was by the familiarity with which I fell among Nick and his band of loyal supporters. 


What a joy The Extraordinaries was to read, and what an even greater joy it is to share.

Renegades, The Rest of Us Just Live Here, Super Adjacent, or Fangirl 

Violence, strong language, life-threatening circumstances, and loss of a parent

15+ due to language and sexual references

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