Nothing to See Here



A cynical twenty-something woman agrees to nanny her best friend’s stepchildren. The pay is great, the food is free, and anything she needs will be bought and delivered within the hour. The catch? When the kids get upset, they catch on fire. No, seriously.

Life is messy. Spontaneous combustion aside, this is the story of so many kids. Wilson’s story is a no-frills-no-BS look at what happens when the “perfect” American family is threatened by two children (and their nanny) who don’t fit in. By the final page, you’ll have laughed, cried, screamed, and thanked the good Lord that you will (probably) never have to dress your kids in fireproof clothing and Hollywood stunt gel.

If you have ever felt left out, unwanted, and afraid (or you just want to laugh), this book is for you.

Listen on LIBRO.FM – The rye, “what the hell” attitude of the narrator alone is reason to read this book! 

The Family Fang, Ask Me Anything, Writers and Lovers

Suicide – Without giving too much away, readers discover that someone close to the children committed suicide as a result of stress and mental health issues. Language – The narrator is hilarious, which is partly due to her impeccably timed curse words

17+ due to harsh language 

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