Girl on the Run



In three short chapters, Katelyn Reed’s life is torn to absolute PIECES. You know a book is great when it gives you serial killer/police-chase nightmares…

I was drawn to this story by the simplicity of its title: Girl on the Run. After a steady string of YA fantasies with gilded spell books, star-crossed lovers, and curses with so many “thees” and “thous,” even I was annoyed. Don’t get me wrong, I LIVE for that stuff, but I needed a break. I needed something real, something suspenseful, and something so filled with adrenaline that a single chapter would leave my heart beating just a little bit faster -- I was due for a good ol’ fashioned THRILLER. 

This book checked every single one of my strange, strange boxes.

Essentially, I wanted to experience the heart-pounding emotions I so painstakingly avoid in my own life without actually having to feel them. Enter: Katelyn, Malcolm, et. al. In the span of 12 hours, Katelyn Reed loses every bit of security she’s managed to scrape together between her mother’s paranoia and moving to a new city each year. 


"They found us."


Three words send Katelyn and her mother on a midnight drive to who-knows-where on the run from who-knows-what. And it’s fine. Until Katelyn’s mother tells her to stay locked in a hotel room until she comes back. Except she doesn’t come back.

Just like that, Katelyn is alone, and she’s got some choices to make.

Girl on the Run is a unique story of self-discovery and our innate desire to know the hidden truths of the past — our past — no matter how buried or painful they may be. Quite literally, Katelyn just wants to know WHO she is and why her mother has been running from armed thugs for the better part of her life. Even more so, Katelyn wants to keep her mom safe, regardless of the lies she’s told or the sins she’s committed. This is a great book to kick-start the summer with, and I hope readers enjoy it as much as I did.

I mean, come on!

Bad dates, car crashes, and multiple attempted murders. Are you hooked yet?!

The Good Girl’s Guide to Murder , The Face on the Milk Carton, or any of the Taken movies

Some violence, emotional abuse, life-threatening circumstances, and family feuds

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