"What is a friend but someone who thinks you’re capable of more than you do?"

Hollis Bright knows she is no one special — her parents made sure of that. 

As a “Lady at Court,” Hollis is meant to smile, dance, and try not to shame her parents any more than she already did the day she was born (as if it were her fault she wasn’t born a son). But when the king decides Hollis is the perfect future queen of Coroa, the entire palace has something to say.It’s bad enough that the King has fixed his attention on Hollis, but it’s even worse that he’s presenting her to a foreign (and enemy) king tomorrow. In a whirlwind of etiquette, language, and geography lessons, Hollis is hit with the reality of the expectations that will be forced upon her when she becomes queen. After a few embarrassing moments with the King, Hollis’ only comfort seems to come from the company of a boy she wasn’t even supposed to meet in the first place.

While the romance is certainly the central element in this book (it is Kiera Cass, after all), I found myself drawn to Hollis’ relationship with herself more than anything. 

Between the first and last moments of this story, Hollis confronts some extremely hard questions about who and what she believes she is worthy of receiving. I loved the way she went from falling at the feet of royalty to being confident in her morals and refusing orders from her own King. 

Overall, this is a great #SummerRead — one that gives you all the frills while also making you think — and don’t even get me started on that twist ending!

The Selection or Matched series, this book is right up your alley!

There are a few notable descriptions of violence between an enemy army and the people of Coroa. While they are few and far-between, sensitive readers may be triggered by the scenes.

13+ due to violence

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