Above the Clouds

My name is Hannah, and I am an avid reader, lover of vegan food, my cat (Waffles), and am a transplant Wisconsinite. I also LOVE reading and storytelling. Using my BA in English and my experience as a middle and high school English educator, I help students and parents find their next favorite stories (and even write my own, on occasion) at Mystery to Me in Madison, WI.




I am absolutely in love with the art (and dare I say, magic) of storytelling, specifically as it’s done in books.


That’s why I majored in English at Iowa State University and graduated with a license to teach Engligh Language Arts and English as a Second Language to kiddos grades 5-12. During my time in college and teaching in middle school and high school classrooms, my love for children’s literature grew and grew until all I wanted to do was curl up by a nice fire and become a professional reader. Sadly, those jobs are hard to come by and have a real intense interview process.


So, I did the next best thing: I went to a local bookstore that had become a safe haven (cough, cough, Mystery to Me) in a new and unfamiliar city, and I asked for a job. Turns out, they liked me enough to hire me, and now, I get to share my love of reading and storytelling with the good people of Madison, WI.

My favorite part about this gig is, without a doubt, my time in the kids’ section. 

While I’m perfectly content roaming the shelves on my own, it’s the very best when I get to help a student find their next big read. There’s something so special about hearing which stories have shaped the way these students think, feel, and act in the world. 

So, why did I create this website? 

It’s incredible that young readers can find a book about any topic that interests them, but for parents, guardians, and teachers, this can pose a challenge. Even the most avid readers can’t read everything. It’s just not possible. It’s certainly not possible as a parent trying to juggle work, school functions, laundry, meal plans, and (Heaven forbid) their own interests. This is where I come in.

My goal is to take one thing of your plate, whether you’re a parent trying to stay aware of the content your child is reading or you’re someone who loves to read but just doesn’t have the time to scroll through the thousands of books on Goodreads before choosing your next read.


On this site, you'll find book recommendations and reviews for readers of all ages (yes, including adults!). These reviews include trigger warnings for sensitive topics, discussion questions, and an honest review of the story. You'll also find blog posts - these posts are special to me. They're my place to think and explore the world around me through my own personal worldview. 

Questions, comments, concerns? Click the "contact" button at the top of the page to send me an email.

A Word on Faith, Culture, and Worldview

The blog is a place for me to share what I’ve learned through stories, and faith is a big part of my story. I am a Christian. I believe everything I have in this life is a direct result of the sacrifice Jesus paid for my brokenness. I believe I’m called to love ALL people, including those who hold entirely opposite beliefs of my own. 

The lens through which I see the world is shaped by my beliefs about God, humanity, and how they are in relationship with the world we live in. I believe humans have the freedom to accept or reject ideas as they desire.


In other words, I’m not here to make you think just like me.  

At times, I will write about how my faith affects my life. Other times, I won’t. Whether we have the same beliefs or not, I am SO happy you are here! There are plenty of ways for us to divide ourselves in 2019, and I think we can all agree that it would be nice if the love of reading and storytelling could UNITE readers of all backgrounds. 

Let’s try it, shall we?